CPM 0.25 :: new packages

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sup peeps,
your favorite password managment program, CPM, now has updated packages.
What’s new in these packages is a working create-cpmdb. A fix for setting the SUID bit is also included, and that will allow CPM to store passwords securely in memory as well as on disk.

Ubuntu and Debian users:
Get cpm_0.25~beta-2debian3_amd64.deb directly from github.

I have also taken the opportunity to update the documentation, which will allow you to roll your own CPM should you be running something other than debian.

Quick start:

me@mine:~# apt-get install libcdk5 libcrack2 libdotconf1.0 libgpg-error0 libgpgme11 libncursesw5 libxml2 libxml2-utils zlib1g
me@mine:~# dpkg -i cpm_0.25~beta-2debian3_amd64.deb

You need: a GPG key and 3 minutes of your time. Create the password database (only once):

me@mine:~$ create-cpmdb

Use your GPG key to encrypt the database. This puts a .cpmdb file in your home folder.

Run CPM and add your passwords! Exit by hitting ESC to save the keys.

me@mine:~$ cpm

and you have a working CPM install.

Furthermore, I have devised a way for many people to share the same passoword database through a revision control system. Take a look at CPM::revision control.

Download this article as an e-bookDownload this article as an e-book

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  1. nqe says:

    Kacper, sound like a great tool. I will try and give it a go in our company.

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